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GigaCube – the alternative to home broadband from …


Vodafone Gigacube is made up of Gigacube equipment (‘Equipment’), a Gigacube plan, which is a Mobile Broadband plan with a minimum commitment period of either a 30-day monthly rolling contract or 24-month contract (‘Plan’). You must purchase both the Equipment and the Plan directly from Vodafone in order for both features to work correctly.




GigaCube Webmail :: Welcome to GigaCube Webmail


GigaCube Webmail Login. Username: Password: Login

gigacube Einloggen 【 Login


General » gigacube Einloggen. Einloggen bei gigacube auf schnelle und einfache Weise. Klicken Sie auf den untenstehenden Link, um sich login gigacube oder finden Sie verwandte Links, die Ihnen helfen, sich bei Ihrem Konto anzumelden. Letztes Update: 6/15/2022.

GigaCube – Vodafone


Oct 21, 2019  · Betreff: Anmeldung Gigcube mit Benutzername admin und aufgedrucktem Passwort geht nicht. Hi solex, der GigaCube muss dann einmal neu aufgesetzt werden. Schau mal hier, da ist eine Schritt für Schritt Anleitung, wie Du den GigaCube auf Werkseinstellung zurücksetzt. Unter : " So setzt Du den GigaCube auf Werkseinstellung zurück ".

Gigacube – Crystaline


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The GigaCube is a plug-and-play connectivity solution that you can use anywhere – all you need is a power outlet and 4G or 5G coverage. Get your Gigacube and start enjoying unlimited uk data today. Added Flexibility: with the option of a 30 day rolling contract, you can use the Gigacube for as long as you need with no strings attached.

Steam Community :: gigacube


login | language gigacube. Level . 10. CL4P-TP. 100 XP . Hi View more info … gigacube. Level . 10. CL4P-TP. 100 XP . Hi View more info. Currently Offline. Badges 5 Inventory Screenshots 6 Groups 1 Tremor Games Official 35,190 Members …

How to change the WLAN name (SSID) and the WLAN …


Mar 21, 2019  · Change Wi-Fi name (SSID) First, connect your PC, smartphone or tablet to your Vodafone GigaCube CAT19 via Wi-Fi. Enter http: //giga.cube or in the address bar of the browser. Enter the router login password . Click on Login.; Dial from the GigaCube web interface > WLAN > WLAN Security Settings. For WLAN name (SSID) gigacube-F2CE click …

Manage Vodafone GigaCube CAT19 via the HUAWEI …


Mar 21, 2019  · Turn on the GigaCube CAT19. Open the Huawei SmartHome app. Agree to the user agreement. Swipe with your finger 3 times to the left across the display. Press Next. Select Connect. Select QR Code Scan. Scan the QR code from the bottom of your GigaCube CAT19 or the installation guide. The devices now connect via Wi-Fi.

My Vodafone account | view your bill, offers and settings


My Vodafone account, login and view your mobile phone, simo plan and broadband account information. View your balance, pay your bill and more.

‎GigaCube on the App Store


Description. New On iOS! Play Now! See puzzle games from a new side! Roll the GigaCube around over 200 levels, get the highest scores, compete online, and most importantly – casually enjoy a mobile game. How to play: Swipe in the direction you want to move the cube. The cube will "flop" onto the adjacent tile and if a color touches the tile …

Vodafone Gigacube (Huawei B528s-23a) portable 4G router review


Sep 02, 2021  · Vodafone has a “useful” network status checker, and we apply the quote marks because it stated that expected 4G upload and download speeds could be anything between 0.9 to 23.2Mbps and 3.8 to …

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Huawei B818-260 (Vodafone GigaCube Cat19) 4G Router Review


May 01, 2019  · To updates its GigaCube and brings faster speeds, Vodafone presents a new 4G LTE WiFi Router named Gigacube Cat19. The Gigacube Cat19 is from the Huawei B818-260 router. The new version Gigacube comes in the LTE network on CAT19 and thus achieves a maximum download of up to 1.6 Gbit/s. The predecessor was already at 300 Mbit/s out of air.

Vodafone GigaCube 5G Router H112-370 Review


Oct 12, 2019  · Login . Vodafone GigaCube 5G Router H112-370 Review. Vodafone is the first operator in Germany to provide 5G service. … The Gigacube 5G was the first 5G Router widely available in Germany, although shortly before another network provider in Germany Telekom presented a 5G gateway named HTC 5G Hub. From a purely visual point of view, it looks …

Solved: Unlock gigacube – Community home – Vodafone UK


Mar 19, 2022  · @kjohnr2001 As the Gigacube, and the Gigacube specific SIM that it comes with are Vodafone equipment, it can only be used in the UK, on the Vodafone network at your registered address.It can also only be used for personal use at the approved address. Keeping the device locked prevents people from using the device for none personal usage or from …

Daisy GigaCube Tariff | Daisy UK


Exclusively available on Vodafone, the Daisy GigaCube Tariff provides you with a portable wireless router that transforms the 5G and 4G networks into WiFi. This flexible alternative to broadband delivers high-speed WiFi via 4G and 5G mobile phone networks from just £38.72 per month. GigaCube is an excellent option for when you need a backup …

Vodafone Gigabox Router Port Forwarding Instructions


Nov 13, 2019  · Login to your Vodafone Gigabox router. Navigate to the Port Mapping section in your Vodafone Gigabox router. Make sure you’re in Expert Mode by selecting it from the menu at the top of the page. Find the Internet tab located near the top of the screen and click it. Click on the Port Mapping link at the left of the screen.

Vodafone Gigacube: everything you need to know


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Mar 20, 2020  · Availability. Billed as the ‘flexible alternative to broadband’, Vodafone’s Gigacube gets you a high speed, wireless home broadband connection from £30 per month. So far, so familiar. But the critical difference is that unlike traditional fixed-line home broadband, with the Gigacube your service is delivered by 4G and 5G mobile phone …

GIGACUBE Trademark of Microway, Inc. – Serial Number 74441320 …


Sell Domains Seller Signup Seller Login. GIGACUBE Trademark. Trademark Overview On Tuesday, September 28, 1993, a trademark application was filed for GIGACUBE with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO has given the GIGACUBE trademark a serial number of 74441320. The federal status of this trademark filing is CANCELLED …

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How do I login to my GigaCube router?

Enter http: //giga.cube or 192. 168.8.1 in the address bar of the browser. Enter the router login password . Click on Login. Dial from the GigaCube web interface > WLAN > WLAN Security Settings. For WLAN name (SSID) gigacube-F2CE click on the pen under the Options.

What is the Gigacube and how does it work?

If you have slow internet at home, or live in an area not covered by our own super-fast broadband, GigaCube could be the answer. It’s a wireless router that transforms our 5G and 4G networks into Wi-Fi – connecting your devices in seconds.

What does Vodafone GigaCube offer?

We take a closer look to see what else it’s got to offer. Billed as the ‘flexible alternative to broadband’, Vodafone’s Gigacube gets you a high speed, wireless home broadband connection from £30 per month. So far, so familiar.

How many devices can I connect to GigaCube?

Connect up to 64 devices quickly and easily.* Choose an 24-month or 30-day rolling contract, depending on your needs. Data allowances range from 100GB to 300GB data a month. GigaCube is portable – So you can take instant internet with you to anywhere covered by our 4G network within the UK. *Dependent on local conditions.

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